Loudon Wood


Nearest Town: Mintlaw, Aberdeenshire

OS Grid Reference: NJ 961 497

Directions: This site is now signposted from the road, but you are left very much on your own in the forest. I would recommend: OS map, compass if your sense of direction is not up to much, waterproof boots in all but the driest conditions and waterproof clothing. The forest tracks are ok, but the grass can be thigh high when you leave them. You will see that the circle is marked to the north of the main track, opposite a southerly track. When you stand at this junction, two paths to the north will greet you: take the left hand one and in 75-100m look for a path to the left-this will take you to the circle in less than 30m. I would say that the circle is slightly to the west of where it is shown on the OS map. Aberdeenshire County Council provide a more accurate map here.

Site Notes: The photos tell most of the story, but can’t convey how big the ring was, and how impressive it must have been when complete. Several complete stones are laying, fallen, and the stumps remain of the others. The recumbent has a banded crack running around it, which suggests it may not remain whole for many more winters: see it while you can.


All of the remaining stones in one shot

All of the remaining stones in one shot

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