Strichen LR09

Nearest Town: Strichen, Aberdeenshire

OS Grid Reference: NJ 93 65 44

Directions: Follow the A981 north into Strichen. As you approach the gap where the old railway bridge used to pass over the road, there will be a left turn into the Community Park, and a smaller second left into Brewery Road. Take this, and drive straight on for about a mile. On the left is a small layby with a picnic table, on the edge of the railway track bed (now a long distance footpath). Park here and follow a path under the railway bridge and up a good all-weather track for about 10 minutes walk. Circle is at the top of the hill. Free entry and signposted.

Site Notes: Strichen is a very good recumbent stone circle in a fine position at the top of a hill. In state care it has been completely excavated and restored. Strichen had suffered much damage over the centuries, before being completely destroyed in the 1960′s by forest workers. Fully excavated by probably the worlds authority on stone circles, Aubrey Burl, the circle stones were restored by him and his team as close to their original positions as possible in 1982. Unfortunately when I visited on the 3rd September 2006 one of the stones has again fallen. I have reported this, so let us hope it will be re-erected. You will see from one of my photos that the recumbent has a large hole drilled into it. I cannot find out why, but it reminds me of the the holes made for the insertion of dynamite. A lucky escape?

The hole on top of the recumbent

The hole on top of the recumbent

Strichen LR02

The low rubble bank is a feature of the circles in this area

Strichen LR07

A better view of the recumbent

The ruined Strichen House that can be seen from the circle

The ruined Strichen House that can be seen from the circle

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