Nearest Town: Dyce, Aberdeenshire

OS Grid Reference: NJ 85 91 33

Directions: Follow the signs for Aberdeen Airport. Nearing the airport, you will approach some traffic lights with a Shell petrol station on your right. Go straight past (note the standing stones outside the Shell Station-not thought to be ancient, but still.) and proceed through the industrial estate. Keep going straight, and immediately as you enter the national speed limit zone, there is a small service road on your left-take it. This track has a choice of uphill or right. Go right, and park straight away. Now walk up the hill, and take the first left turn. Walk past the quarry, now a car park for the airport, and follow the track around to the right, and through a green with houses either side. Turn left at the top, by the substation, follow the track and take the next right. Now a very rutted farm track, keep going uphill and look to your left. The stones will come into view. Take the next realistic left and you are there. Approx. 25 minutes walk. Faster on a mountain bike, but considerably bumpier!

Site Notes: Probably THE stone circle for me in Aberdeenshire, this large recumbent circle sits high above the airport with views over Aberdeen and the sea. You can only dream what the view was like 4000 years ago. The circle is composed of large stones with seams of quartz running through, and the remains of a cairn in the centre. Some restoration has occurred, and one stone is obviously cemented together. The recumbent, now slumped backwards is truly colossal weighing over 20 tons.I only live a few miles away and return often, it’s a site that rewards visiting at different times of the day – including 5:30 in the morning when I took the photo above.

Despite the noise of the airport, this really is a place to get away from it all, and roll back the centuries.


Sun & Stone

Sun & Stone

The recumbent & flankers

The recumbent & flankers


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