whitehills stone circle

Nearest Town: Alford, Aberdeenshire

OS Grid Reference: NJ 64 41 35

Directions: Near the village of Tillyfourie and signposted from here. Park as directed in the Forestry Commission car park, and follow the marked walk uphill. Bear to the right when the trails split, and the circle will then be on the left, clearly visible. About 15 minutes walk. Free.

Site Notes: Also known as Tillyfourie in order to distinguish it from White Hill Stone circle, this unrestored Recumbent circle is well worth the walk. Only one flanker and a circle stone remain upright alongside the recumbent, but the other megaliths lay where they have fallen. There is an obvious ruined cairn in the centre, and a wide carpet of quartz chippings thrown down behind the recumbent. This is a known feature of recumbent circles, but is rarely seen now as the quartz is below the surface. As quartz shines bright white under moonlight, this must have created a terrific spectacle when the circle was new.

This site is well worth the walk, and now that the farmed conifers have been cut down around the circle, the views are stunning.


Dawn sun falling across the lone flanking stone

Dawn sun falling across the lone flanking stone

4 Responses to “Whitehills”
  1. Melissa says:

    I can’t stop looking at these pictures, Chris! Beautiful.

    I should get back to work, but it’s Friday and there aren’t co-workers near and I’d much rather peruse your new site!

  2. Chris says:

    You carry on Melissa! Thanks & congratulations for being the first ever commenter too ;-)

  3. Howard McCoy says:

    What a great thing you’ve done here, Chris. Your pictures are wonderful and it must be a real “treat” (as we might say here in The States) to be able to get out to these sites at different times of the day. My wife and I will be making the rounds of many of these RSCs this summer — also visiting the Loch Tay, Crieff, and Perth areas. Guess you might consider us megalithomaniacs. Hope our pictures turn out as nicely as yours. Thanks for all your efforts to inspire the rest of us to take the time to visit these sites, interact with the stones, drink in the atmosphere, and listen to what’s being spoken.

  4. Chris says:

    Thanks Howard, that’s very kind of you. Hope you had (or are having) a great trip.

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