Stanton Drew


Nearest Town: Keynsham, Gloucestershire

OS Grid Reference: ST 600 633

Directions: Adjacent to the village of Stanton Drew, off the B3130. Signposted, small car park, honesty box.

Site Notes: A quite incredible site, that barely anyone knows about. This is to be ranked with Avebury, Stonehenge and Callanish. We have one massive circle, two adjoining smaller circles, a cove in the grounds of the village pub (above, right), and several outlying stones, one of which is the broken stump of Hautevilles quoit. Additionally, recent survey by English Heritage has revealed the remains of a massive wooden complex underneath the main circle. It is a tragedy that this site is not properly looked after, and is instead left to the sheep to keep the grass down, if any site outside of Avebury deserved the full interpretation and visitor centre this is it. Then again, maybe its for the best-it gives you a chance to have this enormous site to yourself and to dream of what was.



The 'cove' in the pub car park

The 'cove' in the pub car park

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  1. ged mahony says:

    hi iam a big fan of this complex of circles and quite agree with the level yu catagorise it with, i.e,stone henge avebury and the like.
    what has intreagued me is the site of Hautvilles quoit. i know it is located in the hedge of Quoit farm and inded have asked permission and viewed the site.
    it is very difficult to decide which part of the hedge it is in fact part of,could you provide me with a picture to confirm that the one i have is in fact what i think it is. google earth zooms in on site very well and i think it is visib on this also, could you confirm.


    Ged Mahony

  2. Ged Mahony says:


    I find it hard to believe that there is another me who is equally fascinated with this site, particularly the quoit.

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