Clach An Trushal


Nearest Town: Port Nis, Isle of Lewis

OS Grid Reference: NB 37 65 38

Directions: Off the A857 on the NW coast of Lewis in the hamlet of Baile An Truseil. Heading towards Port Nis, pull off the road on your left, pass through the rows of rusting cars, and you’ll see the stone from a distance. Parking easy, access is free.

Site Notes: The Clach an Trushal is the largest standing stone on Lewis, around 25-30 feet high. Long thought of as a solitary stone, or even some sort of sailing navigation aid, modern thinking and surveying has lead to the theory that it was once part of a complex like Callanish. Evidence of surrounding stone circles has been found, now broken up and used for walls. The amount of destruction Farmers have caused across the British Isles for the sake of gaining a few more feet of land sometimes makes me want to scream. Can you imagine what once used to be here? Well, I guess we just have to be grateful for what’s still here, and thats impressive enough.


It's big!

It's big!

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