Croft Moraig


Nearest Town: Aberfeldy, Perthshire

OS Grid Reference: NN 79 74 73

Directions: Leave Aberfeldy on the A827 towards Kenmore. Circle is on left of the the road just prior to Taymouth Castle. If you reach the castle entrance you have gone too far. Safe parking in entrance to farm driveway. Please do not block entrance to farm. Free entry.

Site Notes: An initially complex site to view, this site is unusual not in being built in several phases, which is common, but in the fact that the different phases are all still standing together. Stone circles often began as timber monuments, usually based on a natural stone which in this case is cup-marked. The timber was then taken down many years later, and replaced with a stone circle, which in turn could be added to, expanded or replaced. Here, there are two stone circles, one inside the other, but unusually the original has been left to stand.

A very informative interpretation board helps to explain the site, and the longer you spend here, the more you can see.


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